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Basic Crypto Worker

EntrustSAMCryptoWorker authenticates to the Entrust SAM using the certificate and key pair provided by any implementation of the Crypto Token.

The implementation class of the EntrustSAMCryptoWorker is:


This implementation requires the SignServer Enterprise Edition version 5.5.0 and higher to access the crypto instances from other Workers.


The EntrustSAMCryptoWorker requires to be configured with the following properties:


It is not compatible with other Crypto Token implementations.

The EntrustSAMCryptoWorker will check the following configuration properties.

PropertyDescriptionDefault ValueMandatory
CRYPTOTOKEN_IMPLEMENTATION_CLASSImplementation class of the source Entrust SAM Crypto Token. Must be set to EntrustSAMCryptoToken.NONEYES
OTHER_SIGNERSSets the reference to the Crypto Token containing the key that is used to authenticate to the Entrust SAM. Only one value should be specified for this attribute. In case it contains multiple comma separated references to Crypto Token, the first one is taken.NONEYES