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Signature Activation Module (SAM) plays a crucial role to achieve security and user's sole control when private keys are managed on behalf of the users by a trusted service provider (aka remote signing). It is also one of the requirements of the eIDAS regulation in order to provide advanced or qualified remote signign service.

What is SAM?

SAM is a remote signing component ensuring secure communication, verifying signature activation data, and managing the sole control of the private keys on behalf of the users with a cryptographic module (QSCD).

There are two main standards related to the remote signing, eIDAS compliant:

  • EN 419 241-1: Trustworthy Systems Supporting Server Signing Part 1, General System Security Requirements.
  • EN 419 241-2: Trustworthy Systems Supporting Server Signing Part 2, Protection Profile for QSCD for Server Signing. (generally known as Signature Activation Module (SAM))

Which SAM is supported?

The SAM integration is designed to support various implementations of the SAM. The following SAMs are currently tested and supported: